I can’t believe it – there are communities in Sarasota and Venice with low Homeowners Association Fees!

The startling truth about the cost of living in Sarasota is………that it is “challenging” in some places – money-wise. If money didn’t matter, there’d be plenty of fabulous places to spend the retirement or to raise your kids. A penthouse on Longboat Key, overlooking the  beautiful Gulf of Mexico, or a 4,000 sq ft Pool-Home in the Oaks Club, with golf course view, would be perfect. Perhaps a nice property in one of Sarasota’s finest Ranch Communities would be your dream? Bring your animals and have fun in the sun. You will all love it! Unfortunately, for many of us money does somehow matter. You may be able to buy a nice home at rock-bottom price, but when the monthly Homeowners Association bill hits your mailbox, your face may turn a whiter shade of pale. Paying the price for the home is one thing, coming up with the monthly expenses for the years to come can become a real task …..and it can put a noticeable dent into your retirement funds. You know already, there is not too much you can do about taxes and insurance. Only the assessed value determines the amount of your property tax. If you want to pay fewer taxes, you can only buy a cheaper property, or you can try to bribe the county property appraiser? Insurance wise, you are  in the same boat. Insuring a cheaper home costs less, a newer home costs less, being further […]

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