The West Villages – a huge Project!

Post updated December 2017

West Villages News

  • The Atlanta Braves Spring Training will build a stadium for professional baseball. The stadium will also provide our community with a unique venue for events such as concerts, antique car shows, fundraisers, festivals and more. They plan to open in spring 2019 with there first season here. 
  • A new park is on its way later in 2017! The public park is owned and operated by the West Village with access from River Road.  It features a paw park with separate sections for large
    and small dogs, doggie chill zone, covered pavilion, walking trails, playground equipment, rest rooms and area for bird watching. Renaissance Residents will have a direct access to the park from their neighborhood.
  • The next neighborhood is the Oasis with approximately 136 homes. The homes will have tile roofs, three car garages, outdoor living spaces, open floor plans with the latest features and upgrades available, and they will range in size from about 2,100 sf to over 4,000 sf under air. Coming in early 2018.
  • Soon the residents will enjoy a Town Center with Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Large Lakes and Boardwalk, Schools, Medical Facilities, Parks, Events. You don’t have to leave the West Villages for your everyday needs. The location of the center will be at the SW corner of W Village Pkwy and US Hwy 41. 

Welcome to the West Villages of North Port

The West Villages is a vibrant new planned town of 12,000-acres located between Venice and North Port. It is going to be huge! Yes, very huge indeed.  North Port always wanted to expand west of the River – the Myakka River – but they never got the chance. Now the time is right.

North Port’s image had always more affordable housing choices. The City had a vision to escape that corner and boost this „middle class/upper middle class“ appeal. But there were only small local builders who could not make a significant impact.

Basically “out of the blue” comes help. Mattamy Homes, a successful and large Canadian home 077builder, will make this dream come true. North Port will finally get more expensive homes and a city center. Thanks to the Canadians, “ey.” Do they really say that?

The Mattamy Homes people looked around and found “some money” in their petty cash. They decided to do something big with it – really BIG. For a little under $87 million, Canada’s largest builder bought 75% of the former Thomas Ranch.

Where is the former Thomas Ranch? Well, the land is off US 41 between South Venice and North Port (check out the map). Once completed, it will stretch almost all the way south to Englewood. Yes, that is huge!


West Villages

Neighborhoods at the West Villages of North Port and Homes for Sale

Along with this stretch, homes in existing new development are already popping up like mushrooms after a warm summer rain. Socially very active they  have all a Venice address and zip code. As new and growing neighborhoods, Sarasota National and Grand Palm are part of West Villages Florida, even so they were not part of the 13-year-old West Villages Improvement District. They give the area a strategic and marketing advantage to future residents as well as attracting more retailers.

Sarasota National,  

Gran Paradiso

Grand Palm, 

Island Walk


The Preserve

Oasis , coming soon in early 2018

What can I expect

Mattamy Homes plan to dwarf the existing communities; with a bigger picture in mind. 5,000 – 6,000 homes are already well on their way, and another 11,000 properties are the next goal. This is still short of what is coming next. Eventually, they will be adding some 20,000+ new homes. Now, that is big.

They are not daydreaming, though.  The time frame Mattamy came up with seems to be pretty realistic. Estimates say that the project is going to take 20 – 30, maybe 40, years until completion. At least 2 generations of home builders and construction people will have a secure job for many years to come.

Isn’t it beautiful when somebody can tell people “hey, my granddad installed that roof 039over there.”

The new single family residences will add perhaps 70,000 people or more to that region. Once finished, the West Villages of North Port will be larger than the cities of Sarasota and Venice combined. However, they are working on new communities as well. Therefore, it will be a never ending race.

Two-thirds of the homes will be in the city limit of North Port, the other third will be in Sarasota County with a Venice address. Does it make a difference?  Not really, but some people would prefer to be a part of Venice because it “sounds” better than North Port. Oh, get over it, people……

In fact, when the US postal service asked the residents of Island Walk whether they wanted a North Port or a Venice address, they decided to go with a Venice address. At least in a letter, it looks as if Island Walk is an extension of Venice, but it is not.

The West Villages of North Port will have more than condos, townhouses, villas and single family homes. Commercial development is a big part of the next phases. A part of the business activity will be along US 41, but there will be another corridor parallel to River Road. 3 million square feet of commercial space has already been approved with more to come.

The new village is not designed like a big pile of brick and mortar; with nature well-integrated, nature will even play a major role. Even the  Myakka River will be a part of the new community. The River Club is designed to give access to the river. Residents of this club will be able to explore this beautiful stretch of Florida’s nature with non-motorized boats. And they will definitely love it! The Myakka River is an extraordinary scenic trip where you can literally shake hands with gators and other wildlife, but always count your fingers afterward!

The former ranch has already a 30-acre sparkling lake in place which is already an eye-pool deckcatcher. Other lakes and ponds are also in their planning phase. Big islands with nature preserves will also provide this typical “Florida feeling.” Nature preserves are exactly the reason why so many people love Florida.

70,000+ is the magic number! Yes, seventy thousand residents – that sounds like an awful lot of people. Yes, it does. So, what about the traffic? You may ask.

Well, that was actually one of the main reasons while planning took so long. Developing a well-functioning infrastructure with roads, walkways, water/sewer and power lines is always the hardest task. There are many examples out there, mainly old communities, that show how NOT to do it.

A well screwed up infrastructure is almost impossible to fix. Therefore, extensive planning should always be done before you dig the first hole.

What is the conclusion they came up with? A web of the main roads is going to divert the traffic into several directions. US 41 will remain the main traffic artery. Four lanes on US 41 will guarantee a fast west – east (and vice versa) passage. A big roundabout will probably eliminate waiting time associated with traffic lights. It is so boring staring at those red lights, right?

Manasota Beach Road, which runs parallel to US 41 (but further south), will be widened. River Road, the West Villages Parkway and SR 776 are designed to divert the traffic in north-south bound directions and flush the traffic out to I-75.

West Villages of North Port Site Map


In about 20 years many motorized vehicles will be electric cars. That will reduce noise and pollution significantly and many cities will become more livable again.

What is the price range for homes in the West Villages? Right now homes are selling from the mid $200’s, and they go up well into the $1 million and beyond. The price indicates that the West Villages are not exactly going to be a part of the “affordable housing” program. With a medium price level in the mid $300’s the village is exactly doing what it was meant to do – attracting middle-class and upper-middle-class residents to the North Port area.


Questions? We can guide you through the homes and neighborhood jungle! We specialize in the West Villages and keep you updated about news and the building Process!