Why buy a new home in Venice, FL? Emotional Factor to Newness.

Some homebuyers will take nothing less than a brand-new home with the idea that no one else has used the bathroom. Others prefer a home with character in an established and mature neighborhood. Personal preferences aside, there are pros and cons to each option. Pro’s and Con’s There is no question that some people prefer that ‘new-home smell’ and on top of that many people like to personalize their home by picking out everything from the beginning. Some buyers find it a financial incentive that buying a new home will typically require less maintenance for years to come. They love the peace of mind that comes along with the builder’s warranty. In addition, your new home is built with new efficient appliances, walls, ceiling and floors with more insulation, dual pane windows and new efficient heating and cooling systems, all of which saves you MONEY. On the financial side builders often offer some incentives like giving a credit if you use their Lender, should you finance your home purchase. The best value for a new home is available if you buy into a development when it is nearly complete. . If you need to sell in a year or two, you don’t have to compete with new construction. On the other hand, new developments have the advantage of pre-construction pricing and you will have a better choice of premium lots. You should consider staying in that house for a longer period […]

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