The risk of remodeling your home in Venice Florida without a proper permit

Some people always  need to learn it the hard way …and one of our sellers recently did so too. This blog is about permits, cutting corners and (not) saving money. Although, you can save a lot of money when you are handy and know how to swing a hammer, when it comes to “major home modifications” you need to think twice what you are doing. If you don’t ever want to sell your home, or if you are sure that you will never have an insurance claim, you may get along with your “none permitted” roof replacement (unless a “nice” neighbor turns you in – what exactly happened to one of our sellers). Be aware that most cities and counties require that homeowners obtain a permit before carrying out major modifications, and they are enforcing the permit laws vigilantly. Ignorance of the law is no protection against punishment! What is a major modification? This is a question the building department can answer best, or you can find the exact information on the building department’s web site. Here are a few major modifications for Sarasota County: Roof replacement, A/C replacement, replacement of doors and windows, installation of hurricane shutters, major plumbing … the list goes on and on and is not complete, but it might give you an idea. At this point, you may ask yourself what a homeowner actually can do without a permit. The answer is: Not a lot – it basically […]

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