Best Dog Park in the State – Brohard Paw Park in Venice, Florida

Brohard Beach

Best Dog Beach in Venice FL

Can I take my furry friend with me to the beach? That is a real question. Usually, you cannot get your carnivore to any public beach in Sarasota County. But wait, there is one exception: in Venice, there is a stretch of beach where you can introduce your best friend to the “endless ocean.” Will he love it? Of course! Why not?

Brohard Paw Park” is the name of the place which will make your dog smile and wag its tail. Dog lovers from all over America have declared the Paw Park and adjacent Paw Beach to be the Best Dog-Friendly Park in the State. Woof! That is a statement, isn’t it?

Where is the Dog Beach?

The dog beach is located on Venice Island, just across from the Venice Municipal Airport. After you have passed the fishing Pier and Sharky’s restaurant you will see a sign on the right-hand side –  “Brohard Paw Park.”  Yes, this is the name of your destination, and while you are approaching “doggy’s paradise” your furry friend may already get a little excited in your car.

When entering the dog park, you will see a grassy area shaded by towering oaks. The whole section is fenced-in and accessible through double gates. There are also fenced-in, and paved walkways and a boardwalk through the dunes to the beach.

What are the amenities at Brohard Paw Park?

Yes, there is. A long stretch of beach is only reserved for dogs – and maybe for their owners, too? This is the place where all the action is. Dogs racing in and out of the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, dog owners chat while tossing a Frisbee or a tennis ball, not noticing that the color of their skin is gradually changing from a pale to a vibrant red.

You hear barking, laughing, screaming and the sound of the surf. Everybody is enjoying the beach and the park. Life does not get any better.

In the summer months, the sand can be kind of hot, and you may be forced to carry your little friend to the water’s edge. If your baby is 100 lbs Labradoodle, you do not need to go to the gym that night. Don’t forget to bring your own flip-flops or any kind of beach shoes; believe us, you will feel the hot sand under your “paws,” too. If you couldn’t spell the word “hot” before now, you can do it.

Well, after the barking, swimming, chasing, and tail wagging your friend are probably ready for some activity in the shade –  a nap for example. The best place to go is back to the grassy area where you will find drinking fountains for dogs and humans, showers on decks for dogs and humans, leash posts only for dogs, and fenced-in sections to separate the big guys from the small guys (hm, dogs and humans?).

Under the shade of the trees, dogs can play with other dogs while owners can chat with other owners. The Paw Park is designed for you and your furry friend alike. Human comfort includes drinking fountains, restrooms, showers and picnic tables.  BYOB (Bring Your Own Bone)  – and enjoy the day – and don’t forget to take a nap. Very critical! Not only for dogs.

What else can you expect at the Paw Park?

Doggy waste bags and receptacles are provided. Parking space also, although, it is very limited. Park planners had probably only dogs in mind – not cars. Dogs don’t drive cars. However, on the other side of the street, towards the airport, there is plenty of off-street parking available.

Be sure to bring drinking water for your friend down to the beach, because there are no drinking fountains by the water – only in the park section.

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