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Established in 1971, Englewood Isles is a deed-restricted community with fully navigable waters to Forked Creek, Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The community has several subdivisions with single-family homes, villas, and condominiums. Some of the 500+ properties are located within a bird sanctuary.

homeBuying a nice little fishing boat is the easy part ….and now….where do you want to put it? You can store it in a marina and pay a monthly fee. Yes, that is easy. Depending on the degree of service, you may end up with a steep $400 bill each month for a 25′ boat. The people at the marina will take good care of “your baby”. They will take it out of the water, wash it gently with freshwater, flush the engine, store it in a dry spot and give it a good night kiss (literally). They do a great job, no question about that. But a marina is not a charitable institution. Sooner or later they will send the bill.

Alternatively, you could leave the boat on a trailer and park it in a storage facility. That may cut your cost already in half. But there is a “little” more work involved as well. You need to have a set of wheels capable of pulling the trailer. You also need to spend more time on dry land before you can enjoy some quality time on the water.

Before you decide to go this avenue go to a boat launch during high season, or better a holiday, and watch the action. Now you know what we mean, right? If you are number 9 in line waiting for your boat to launch …you need to be patient. Especially when captain number 8 has the biggest mouth within a 10-mile canalradius, but no clue how to put his boat in the water. While he is trying to sink his boat, you are most likely pulling your last hair out.

If you bought a home in a “non-deed restricted” community you could actually park your boat on the trailer right on your own lot. Sweet! That would cost you nothing. But not everybody likes “non-deed restricted” communities. Unfortunately, when there are no rules in place some communities look ….. trashy.? At least, it takes “some getting used to”.  Why is that? Well, common sense is not everybody’s job. Some people love to live in garbage.

So, you did not solve the problem at the crowded boat launch, but at least you saved the money for the storage. Now you can at least afford the hourly $1.00 parking fee at the boat ramp and there are still a few bucks for a six-pack left. Sweet!


Boat Slips

Well, as a boat owner (or future boat owner) you still have another option: buying a home with a private boat dock – or at least a boat dock in a community harbor. “Oh my gosh, I am not a millionaire! “You may think, dear reader. Well, a home with a boat dock does not necessarily need to cost a fortune, but it could.

Here we will show you a boaters community in Englewood, where you can still buy an affordable home. Keep your little toy on davits behind your house …..or in the nearby community harbor…..and you are still able to put food on the table or gas in the tank. Isn’t that something? Here comes the deal:

“Englewood Isles” is the name of a popular boaters community in Englewood. 

You are miles away from the crowd, but close to everything you need. State road 776 makes this happen. Shopping, dining, entertainment, medical facilities and schools are close by. The beaches on Manasota Key are also only a stone’s throw away. What else do you need? You are not cut off from the rest of the world.

Many residents of this deed-restricted community have private boat docks, lifts, and ramps. The waterways all run into Lemon Bay and then through Stump Pass into the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Unfortunately, not everybody can have a home directly on a waterway. The are always not enough waterfront homes.  Fortunately, not everybody wants to have a canal in the backyard. So,

boat racks.jpg

The community Marina

can those homeowner’s still have a boat? Of course, they can. The community marina offers boat slips for sale or rent, and the community marina is just around the corner.

Okay, that solves the problem with the boat. Now let us talk about the people who own the boat.

All properties in the community are hosts to a unique Florida flora and fauna. You will love it! All utilities are underground, therefore, no ugly power lines and transformer boxes are ruining the looks of this paradise.

In the beginning, Englewood Isles was a community for winter residents and retirees. That’s the way it was set up. Now, that has definitely changed. Many younger families moved in and the majority of the residents is now staying all year round.

You’ll see a lot of people biking, walking and jogging …and boating, of

homes on canal.jpg

One of the main canals

course. By the way, Marina membership is only open to property owners within Englewood Isles, but that shouldn’t a surprise, right?

The homes are older, but they are in an adorable place. The condition of the homes varies. Some are completely remodeled, others need some TLC, some even more than that. But always keep in mind that “location, location, location”… is everything. You can change the interior of a home, but you can NEVER change the location… or rarely. 

You can rent or buy a boat slip in the community only as an  Englewood Isles resident. Contact us below we may be able to help.

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