Riverwood – Where the river almost runs through the community


Myakka River

Riverwood – Where the River “almost” runs through the community

The river is wide and a gentle breeze is blowing. Sitting on your lanai in Riverwood, you can smell the water, the mangroves…. the smell of some flowers nearby is lingering in the air. In the far distance, the El Jobean bridge is re-connecting the land which the river cuts in 2 halves. You can see tiny vehicles crossing the bridge.  A little power boat is gently rolling – the water is calm and in some spots the water looks like quicksilver. Half a mile away from the shore the two anglers on the boat are trying to catch their dinner. Are they successful or are they only bathing their bait? We can’t tell, they are too far away. Maybe this time the fish are the “smarter” ones and don’t fall for the bait.

Homes in Riverwood

Homes in Riverwood

From the lanai, the water seems to be close, so close that you think you can almost touch it. A lush sub-tropical garden lies between the home and the river and catches your attention. It is so tranquil, so quiet. Even a clear blue sky is enhancing the beautiful picture. It looks so unreal, but it is real.

We are standing on the pool deck of a home in the premium location in the Riverwood community, enjoying the scenery. It is a “broker open house” tour. We are wondering why the hell would somebody sell a home like this? We should know better because we have been in real estate for such a long time. Life happens and sometimes you have to make decisions. Fortunately, there are not always tragic events forcing a move. And that is good to know. The owners of this home want to build a new one. A better home? Really.

You say you have read enough and want to start with your Home Search?

It may sound as if we are grossly exaggerating the view, but it is exactly what we see. Come and see for yourself. How else can you describe what you see? Just the word “water view” does not even come close.

All properties along the Myakka River are a prime location, of course. The number of lots along the water is limited, like everywhere else. Riverwood offers many homes on large lakes, ponds, and views over preserves.

Riverwood Amenities and Neighborhoods:

1,300 acres, with 300 acres of nature preserve, wetlands, ponds, lakes, and an 18 hole championship golf course.

Home on Myakk River

Home on Myakka River

That guarantees plenty of properties with beautiful views. There are 29 different neighborhoods with a total of 1,323 homes. Homebuyers can choose between huge estate homes, single-family homes, villas and condos, and coach homes. There is also another choice to be made by the home-buyer: each of the unique 29 neighborhoods offers a different degree of maintenance -with a different price tag attached to it.

Interested to find your next home in Riverwood? Start your home search right here.

When driving through the gate you can barely see the homes. They are all hidden behind thick tropical foliage. The homes look all different – this is not one of those cookie-cutter communities, what a relief. This award-winning community offers a variety of homes that are merging with nature. The homes are unique, the location is unique and the setting is unique – and you hardly see ’em from the main road. GPS is very helpful if you want to figure out the neighborhoods. It also helps to get you out again if you are not familiar with the community. Riverwood is huge and you can easily get lost. At least there is a restaurant in the community. Therefore, you would not die of starvation if you can’t find back the to exit.

There are neighborhoods with a zero HOA fee or a whopping annual fee of $6.56. Yes! This should not break your bank.

Community Pool in Riverwood

Community Pool

However, there are also Condo Associations with a monthly fee of $475. This is quite substantial and your banker may raise an eyebrow. But you need to see what you get before you compare apples and oranges.

With your $6.56 payment, you can choose your own lawn service and, we assume, you expected that already dear reader!  Unless you need some workout and want to feed the mosquitoes with your own blood. .. you need to hire someone.  The amount of $6.56 is getting you not too far, but it is at least a starting point.

When you pay $475 a month you are indeed eligible for a more worry-free life. You can actually put your feet on the handrail of your lanai and watch the cohorts of servants fix the exterior of the building and the grounds while fighting with alligators, anacondas, killer turtles and whatever mother nature throws at them (we are kidding). Keep in mind: all insurances, including flood insurance, are part of the deal. You just move to your new place, pay insurance for your Rembrandt’s and Picasso’s (content or renter’s insurance) and enjoy being part of this beautiful, blue planet.

Riverwood Condominium fees are always higher, but that has nothing to do with rocket science. They include all insurances and the maintenance of the exterior building, that’s why they are higher. Yes, and the roof is also included.

Some single-family neighborhoods in Riverwood include a maintenance package for a decent price. A monthly fee of about $100 guarantees you already a lot of services, but what you really get depends on the particular neighborhood association.

There is an annual fee of $1,301.00 for the master association due to each unit. Nobody’s excluded. Dammit, there is always a drop of bitterness, right? This is a fee that is already included in the neighborhood association fee of the condominium owners. There are always lucky guys, right?

So, all single-family homes and villa owners need to dig a little deeper into their pockets for the master association fee. Why do you have to pay this extra fee? What is it for? Well, see for yourself: 24 h security gate, common ground maintenance, and community/ activity center. The community center offers a junior Olympic size pool, spa, fitness center. 6 lighted tennis courts, bocce ball court, lawn croquet, and horseshoe pit are also available for the outdoor enthusiast.

Riverwood lakeThe library, meeting room, craft room, and playground are a matter of course. A full-time activities director is also on duty to coordinate the homeowners’ needs for more action. Any questions about why you have to pay this? By the way, owners the condo guy pays it together with his condo fees – at least that makes him think that he has a better deal. Don’t tell him that he is in the same boat.

A dog park is waiting for your furry friend. Woof! Here he can meet other dogs, bark, exchange fleas (oh, that is a bad one), play a little, or take a nap. A small fee is required, but dogs usually do not mind. They don’t like to share their bone, but they like to generously share the owner’s wallet.

The Riverwood Beach Club is a private, custom-built, gated facility for Riverwood resident members and their guests. Located on the sub-tropical island of Manasota Key, this is the place where you can soak up the sun until you look like a Maine lobster. Afterward, you can take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico – but you will eventually skin like a snake anyway. You really should have used that greasy sunscreen before hitting the beach. Now it feels at least better being in the cooler water. Of course, this could have easily been avoided with the application of sunscreen, but everybody has his personal learning curve.

What can you expect on Manasota Key: a 5,500 sq ft Cabana Style Pavilion, outdoor and private showers, superior restrooms, covered deck with built-in seating and picnic tables, sundeck, sand chairs and loungers, barbecue grills, baby changing station, chilled water fountain, commercial ice maker, private parking, wheelchair access, and all-year-round staffing. What, that is all? Don’t get overly excited. There might be a waiting list and you might also have to splash out some money. Ask your dog about that. This is just a different dog park he may tell you.Riverwood lakeview

Can you believe it, we almost forgot to talk about the golf course! 18 holes, par 72, 4 1/2 star rated (Golf Digest), designed by Gene Bates. The front nine is laid out like a North Carolina Pine course and the back nine is laid out like a Links Course offering two different types of play for golfers. This course has 50,000+ plays annually. Quite impressing.

Summary: If you like security, a tropical environment, a unique community, diverse homes, condos, and villas, if you don’t mind being a short drive away from the beach ….check Riverwood out. Give us a call (941-244-8341)  or email us for more info.


What are the pet rules in Riverwood? You can have 3 dogs. Max weight 100 lbs.

How old are the homes? The community was started in 1992 and the last home was finished in 2013.

Are there still lots available? Yes, but only very few remaining. The community is fully developed.

Are there many homes for sale? No. The community is very stable.  5 – 7% of homes on the market for sale are very common.

How far are the closest stores? Within a 5 mile is all the shopping you need. Sam’s Club, Walmart, Publix, furniture stores, restaurants, and a modern Mall are waiting for you.

Is Golf Club membership mandatory when buying a home in Riverwood? No, Golf Club membership is not mandatory.

How far are the beaches away? The next beach is Englewood Beach on Manasota Key. It is approximately a 15-minute drive. Next to the beach is the Riverwood Beach Club.

Start your home search here!

When you are ready to talk and make contact with us, write us an email or give us a call at 941-244-8341. We are always here to help. No pressure!

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