Englewood Farmer’s Market – a success story

Farmer's Market in Englewood

Englewood Farmer’s Market is a success

Englewood Farmer’s Market – a success story

Farmers Markets have a long tradition. The first ones are dating back to 5,000 BC. That was the time when the Egyptian farmers brought their products to some locations located along the river Nile. Those markets served as grocery stores for thousands of years. Nobody dreamed of Walmart or Publix stores at that time. At least there is no evidence that those names were mentioned on papyrus.

Deerborn Street

Dearborn Street

During the 18th and 19th century the first “modern” “grocery stores” and “supermarkets” appeared and they gained more popularity in the following century while the popularity of farmers markets decreased gradually. Everybody wanted to go shopping in an air controlled and clean environment. This changed again in the 1970s.

All of a sudden there was a cultural and economic change which made the old idea of farmers markets attractive again. In the 90’s the popularity gained momentum, and today there are farmers markets all over the world again. So, why should Englewood remain the only exception?

Today there are farmers markets in many locations of Sarasota County, which includes Englewood, of course. Some are open all year round, some are only operating during the cooler and dryer winter months.

The North Port and Englewood Farmers markets are the newest kids on the block, and the Englewood market is the


Farmer’s market in Englewood

fastest growing one in Sarasota County. Already number 2 and growing. That is outrageous!

Without question, the location of the market can be subscribed as “superb.” Located right in Englewood’s historic downtown area, under shady pine trees. No wonder the market attracts thousands (yes, “thousands”) of shoppers every Thursday morning, and they are keeping the 50+ vendors more than happy.

The market offers a wide variety of farm fresh, organic produce. But the market is not limited to produce, there is more. Local honey, freshly baked bread and prepared foods to make your mouth water. Orchids and other garden plants are waiting for the one with the green thumb. Certain clothes, like fancy t-shirts, are also available. And there are always vendors who want to take care of the wrinkles you have collected in your face over the years. A little oil (snake oil?), a little massage and you will look like you did when you were 17. Hm, it’s up to you to believe them, but why not give it a shot?


BamBooty: Farmer’s Market

More than 80% of the produce comes from local farms, and the majority of it comes from organic farming. They offer artisan bread and sweets, German food, clothes, fish, essential oils and more. So, if you want to buy organic and want to support local farmers, come to the Farmer’s Market in Englewood.

Englewood farmer's Market

Delicious food at the Englewood Farmer’s Market

shopping at the Farmer’s Market is an event and more fun than rushing through the grocery store. There is always live music to enjoy, and you can chat with everyone while “snacking” on food samples.

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, right? You’ve got to try that German bread before you buy it! And that delicious cheese and  “whatever” is next. Meanwhile, the sun is shining, and that man in the moon is smiling down on you from a blue sky. Life is good!

Yes, the Farmer’s Market in Englewood is a real success story. It is well received by the local and the snowbirds. The Market attracts vendors from as far as Fort Myers and Miami. Come and see for yourself, you won’t regret it. Pick a great day and have fun.

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