Aliens are in the Area! Are You Kidding me?


You probably know about the crop circle hype? Every year when the crop is growing, people find those strange circles in certain areas, most likely in England. Why England? Nobody knows. Isn’t that strange? Now, it gets even more bizarre.

an akward momentSome people and there are even some people among them who consider themselves scientists, think that those circles are left by UFOs. So, after studying those strange crop circles, they concluded that UFOs somehow, maybe through transmission of electromagnetic waves,  formed those rings. Other scientists remain skeptical, and they better stay that way.

By the way, that always happens at night because those “green people” are obviously shy and do not want to talk to somebody with a Yorkshire accent. Those guys from Yorkshire are hard to understand. I know it because I lived there for a year.

So, it seems that those poor extraterrestrials obviously need a bathroom break before they take off to their next destination somewhere outside of our solar system? Well, the Andromeda Nebular is some 1.2 million light-years away, and they are right – you better be ready when you have no bathroom on board. And what about those circles? The energy or more accurately the electromagnetic waves of their spaceships create those circles. That is at least what those UFO experts believe. Hm. Those green guys seem to fly in gigantic microwave ovens.

Did UFOs land in Charlotte County?

Now, have you ever looked at the map of Florida? South of Englewood is a similar structure. What do you exactly see? You see a huge circle in the center of the Cape Haze peninsula. Now the question is: Is that an extraterrestrial bathroom break as well? A circle created by an enormous flying saucer? It looks pretty much like one of those crop circles in England. Therefore, that must be the answer.

Rotonda West is a huge Circle

12 square miles, shaped like a wagon wheel of Rotonda West and about 4 miles in diameter that is the “UFO landing spot” near Englewood. However, the story behind that circle is pretty down Rotonda-Canalto earth and boring. Little green men visiting from Alpha Centauri are not a part of the story.  The structure is a „round city“ called „Rotonda West“ and earthlings built it.  Sorry, how boring. The circular city is easy to detect from the sky. However, if you are on the ground, you need the help of your GPS to recognize shape and size.

The outer ring consists of a canal, framed in by two streets. From there the spokes of the wheel are leading to the center ring, which is still one mile wide. In the middle of that ring is a park where residents can enjoy the outdoors.

Located between those spokes are the sub-communities, golf courses, lakes, and canals. The southwest area of the „wheel“ is a nature preserve, inhabited by alligators, bald eagles and a variety of biting, stinging, and bloodsucking „Florida Natives.“

Maybe, after all, Aliens did create the City of Rotonda West?

Well, not so much. The birthday of the „round city“ was some 50 years ago when a guy with the German name Klein (which means „small“ in German) had a „big“ dream. He thought that a round shaped city would create perfect harmony. By avoiding squares and blocks, the sub-divisions would mingle and merge with each other, and the residents would feel like living in paradise. Okay, I have to admit that the last section of the sentence is my interpretation, but it comes probably close to Mr. Kline’s idea. By the way, his idea was not really brand new. 713 BC the Iranians (or what we call Iran today) had already built a city in a circular shape.

More than 50 Years Ago

But that is okay. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel over and over. So, Mr. Klein found some money in his petty cash and bought the land for $20 million. He was so convinced and excited that his concept of the city was right that he immediately started digging. The project was massive from the beginning. Therefore,  progress was slow, slower than he expected. Not too much happened during the first decade, but at least something happened. Roads, canals, and other infrastructure were added. Now, 50 years later, there is building activity everywhere, and Mr. Klein would be the happiest person in the world if he could only see that digging and hear the hammering.

However, despite all the activity, there are still plenty of vacant lots for a reasonable price available. They are waiting for those who see the opportunity there. Rotonda is awakening, and it will play a significant role on the Cape Haze peninsular once completed.

Where is Rotonda West located?

Rotonda West borders Englewood about 2 miles further south. Take the main drag through Englewood, which is 776/Mc Call Road (driving east) and once you pass Wal-Mart, every street to your right will get you to Rotonda West. Easy, you just go south – not north – and you will hit the outer ring first.

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Seven Sub-Neighborhoods and a Nature Preserve

Find your next home in Rotonda West

Seven sub-neighborhoods are inside of the wheel; several other newer communities are surrounding the round city. Oakland Hills, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Broadmoor, Long Meadow, Long Marsh and Pine Valley are the names of the subdivisions of Rotonda West.  See below the wheel and check out the location of the sub-neighborhoods. Several challenging world-class golf courses are part of the area, and the newest addition is an 8,000 Sq Ft community center. Almost 9,000 residents call Rotonda West “Home,” and there is still plenty of lots available to build your new home.

Rotonda West Homeowners Association

The homeowners need to be members of the homeowners association. Sorry, that is the rule. Membership comes with a „steep“ $190.00 annual fee and some deed restrictions. None of the communities is going overboard, but once in a while, there need to be rules or restrictions. Check the rules and regulations to find out for how long you can keep your boat or RV in the driveway. It won’t be forever, though. What about the dead refrigerator? Well, we are not so sure about that thing. You might want to keep it inside or toss it anyway. Check out the deed restrictions here.

What to Expect in Rotonda West

If you are looking for a home in Rotonda West  – what can you expect? The oldest houses are from the 70’s/80’s; newer homes from the 2000′ and the new ones are actually in the process of being built. Prospective buyers have plenty of choices and opportunities. From „needs TLC“ to partially to completely remodeled or brand new – the choice is yours. Some homes come with 1.000 sq ft and a one car garage; others have 3,000 sq.ft and a pool and a three-car garage. Many homes are on freshwater canals or lakes. Everything is possible and if you want to build a new home… the sky is literally wide open. No aliens in sight.

Rotonda Map

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