Are you thinking of relocationg to Sarasota,Florida?

Everybody who considered to move to beautiful Sarasota on the West Coast of Florida, but was hesitant, because there was no Trader Joe’s or Costco, you can make the move NOW.

The opening day was Friday, September 7th. Of course, I haven’t been in a Trader Joe’s yet, I was curious about the store and so I went on Saturday. The place was packed with shoppers and lookers alike – I thought they give away food for free. After the dust settles I will be back for sure.

Along with last month’s opening of Costco at Sarasota Square Mall, Sarasota now has a pair of national retailers that analysts say generate cult-like followings.

Let me know when you are moving to Sarasota, Florida!

Since I posted this blog, I have been back to Trader Joe’s for my favorite food and wine many times. This store is always busy. They must be doing something right.

More stores with fresh produce are coming to Sarasota. If you like Sprouts with lots of bulk products or Lucky’s with fresh produce and specialty groceries, it is all here in Sarasota.

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